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Appetizer :
Mixed fish appetizer (min. two orders)
Fresh sea bass, tuna and salmon carpaccio with aromatic herbs
Lukewarm octopus salad with potatoes and asparagus tips
Mussels and clams stewed with tomatoes
Fresh oysters with minced onions and wine vinegar
Mixed shellfish au gratin
Selection of crustaceans and lobster Catalan style (min.two orders)
Seafood crudités
Mixed smoked salmon and swordfish with brown bread croutons
Fried shrimps in a sesame crust with soya sauce
Parma ham and melon
Farmhouse appetizers Italian style
Bresaola of Valtellina with arugola and small tomatoes
Caprese salad with buffalo's milk mozzarella
Small aubergines pie with cheese fondue
Starters :
Home made guitar-string spaghetti with mixed sea-food
Spaghetti with clams
Flat spaghetti with Sicilian scampi and grey mullet roe
Sea bass ravioli with fresh tomatoes fillet
Giant macaroni with shore crab
Thin tagliatelle with sea bass fillet and pumpkin flowers
Risotto or flat spaghetti with lobster
Risotto with "Amarone" wine
Squid ink risotto
Yellow risotto old Milanese style with saffron and grated pistachios
Large ravioli with brie fondue and black truffle sauce
Potatoes dumplings in tomatoes sauce and basil
Macaroni Norma style with aubergines and ricotta cheese
Genoese style pansotti filled with borage and ricotta cheese in walnuts sauce
Tagliatelle with ragù
Vegetable soup
Onion soup
Fish main courses :
Orbetello sea bass baked in a salt crust with tomatoes au gratin
Sea bass fillet in a potato crust
Light cooking glithead sea bream with pumpkin flowers and small tomatoes
Gilthead sea bream fillet in pumpkin flowers and champagne sauce
Baked turbot with potatoes and asparagus tips
Amberjack slice with seasonal mushrooms
Mixed fish grill with scampi,prawns and fish fillet
Tuna fillet in a sesame crust with arugola pesto sauce
Mixed grilled crustaceans and lobster
Large slice of swordfish with potatoes,olives and cappers
Mixed fried fish with battered vegetables
Red tuna fish tartare
Meat main courses :
Breaded Milanese veal chop with little tomatoes and arugola
Veal ossobuco with polenta(corn-meal porridge)
Sirloin steak grilled with pepper grain
Beef fillet in old fashion style mustard sauce
Grilled lamb chops
Grilled T-bone steak(min. two orders)
Light cooking beef with Treviso red cicory and parmesan flakes
Chicken’s escalope with mushrooms cream
Escalope with lime cream
Beef strips with potatoes,arugola,tomatoes and cheese fondue
Braised beef with "Barolo" red wine and cornmeal porridge
Beef carpaccio with white celery and mushrooms in season
Grilled vegetables with smoked scamorza cheese
Side order :
Mix salad
Baked potatoes
Potatoes with parsley
Sautéed Treviso red chicory
Steamed vegetables
White beans with oil and pepper
Spinach as you like
Grilled vegetables
Assorted cheese with pear and honey
Desserts :
Pears and chocolate cake
Lukewarm pure chocolate cake
Cheese cake
Puff pastries in Chantilly cream and hot chocolate
Kisses mousse(hazelnut and chocolate)
Cream pudding
Crème caramel
Walnut cake
Fruit tart
Lemon,green apple or tangerine sorbet
Fresh pineapple
Strawberry with ice cream
Fresh wild berries

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